I believe an artist is never limited by medium. In fact, I believe the term "artist" is outdated. The focus is on the creative process. creating something- music, poetry, paintings, cartoons- involves innovation and imagination. Everything is manifested in your mind. You put together pieces like a puzzle- a puzzle that is uniquely you. Reasons behind the artistic decisions you make will depend upon everything you have experienced in your life. I believe the word "art" is unaccessible, exclusive (especially to non-Westerners), elitist, pompous- yet somehow, simultaneously as poor, crazy, drugs, etc. When I paint something versus when I create my logo, or even something as simple and common as a face mask, I am utilizing the same exact. mental processes that enable you to paint. The focus behind "art" should be a celebration of, as well as an exploration of, those mental faculties we process as human beings to create. There are so many complexities in creating- beautiful, exciting complexities. The human brain is unbelievably powerful. I find it absolutely fascinating. Every single brain is capable of creation. simply writing a sentence, is creation. The tools that exist in your mind are uniquely yours. I am a creative. I do not, will not, limit myself, or my audience, simply because of traditions and ideas that refuse to adapt to our growth as a human race. 

Black lives matter: works

Creative works have the power to spark conversation. Our most receptive sense (in terms of speed in recognition and judgement) is sight. Visuals allow us to make a judgment on the object being perceived within seconds. Due to COVID-19, I am unable to leave my house to attend protests. I thought to myself, "there MUST be SOMETHING I can do." That is where I reached the conclusion that I would make wearable pins. This will identify the wearer as an ALLY. Allies are VITAL to this fight. By wearing this pin, you are able to create a safe space for POC.. In addition, you will be able to engage in conversation regarding justice, peace, and equality for people of ALL degrees of melanin.

Undergraduate: My creations and confessions

My undergraduate experience was quite tumultuous. I suffered/suffer from a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Art school is not easy, nor is it always fun. I didn't always work my hardest; in fact, sometimes I tried to take shortcuts. Despite the fact that 

Grade School

I believe strongly in the practice of self-reflection and meditation. The difference between a good artist, and a great one, its the ability to accept personal growth. Life, much like my career, is a journey. Why would I want to hide my growth? 

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